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September 28, 2020 | Audrey Hall

Glenville Elementary School: A New Look

Glenville Elementary School: A New Look

Many mistake Glenville for just your average Elementary School- it’s just kind of there, with nothing too special about it. Yet, they fail to understand that this school is the antithesis of this notion. Glenville Elementary School was the foundation of my education and has led me, and many of my peers, to lead successful middle and high school careers. With its modernized building equipped with the best technology, engaging teachers, and its many unique and innovative programs, Glenville sets up its students for greatness at a young age.

To begin with, Glenville was recently completely remodeled, with construction completed in 2009. This $24 million renovation incorporated many new features to improve the educational experience into the design, including state-of-the-art technology, more natural lighting in classrooms, and a much-needed update of mechanical systems. Not only did this renovation improve the school’s appearance and building’s functioning, but I would go as far to say that it improved the quality of each students' educational experience. Each classroom includes a SMART board, making in-class learning much easier, with educational websites and such at the teacher’s disposal. Per district guidelines, every student is also given an iPad, which makes homework assignments much easier to locate, and projects more exciting to complete. Especially in such unprecedented times, providing technology for every student has proven to be a crucial part of teaching students remotely.

Additionally, Glenville has a brand new room- the Design Lab. This classroom was previously referred to as the computer lab, and it was primarily used for learning computer skills such as typing. Now, the space has been transformed into the Design Lab, a space that is much more flexible and is more focused on problem solving skills- whether it be math equations, coding problems, or anything in between.

There are a multitude of great learning opportunities at Glenville. One program that is especially unique  is rotating classes. Starting in fourth grade, students are able to get a small taste of middle school as they bounce from class to class for each subject. Even earlier exposure to switching classrooms each period is the ALP program. These advanced classes, starting in second grade, are usually located across the schoolyard, and force students to get in the habit of moving around, even more so than the grade-wide class rotations in fourth and fifth grade. This early introduction to a different format of school proves to be greatly helpful. By practicing physically moving for each class, Glenville’s graduates who head to Western Middle School are set to have a much shorter adjustment period.

Glenville offers many intriguing subject opportunities. I can recall many field trips, guest speakers, and projects that made learning consistently  fun at Glenville. Between annual visits to the Bush Holley House, Music on The Menu (an interactive concert of sorts where bands play for students at lunch, while simultaneously teaching kids about instruments, cultures, etc.), and many other special events, there was rarely a dull day. Not only do these learning experiences make school more enjoyable but they also build up a sense of community within the school. To this day, me and my fellow Glenville alumni can show you what a microwave is (a guest speaker taught us this fun trick- I won’t ruin the surprise, but if you want to know, ask someone who went to Glenville). Overall, there are many unique educational experiences at Glenville that bring the school together while also teaching students valuable information.

At Glenville, the teachers are always seeking ways to engage their students. Many of the teachers I had created unique traditions within their classroom, creating a small community within the larger school community. From reading books as a class, to taking on exciting school projects, students build-upon and learn skills in subjects like Math or Science while also improving and gaining social skills. Even with the remote learner classes this year, students are conversing with teachers and other students on a regular basis. Remote teachers are still working to provide engaging lessons and class time each and every day.

Unfortunately, current Glenville students may not be able to get the full experience due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, the same is true for any school, and Glenville still provides an enriching and exciting learning experience for its students. Glenville has spent the last 20 years updating its building and transforming its programs, making an average elementary school into an amazing school that provides every student with a great educational starting point. If anything, the strides made in the recent years are a testament to how much the school will grow in the near future. As well as modernized programs, the general togetherness that is promoted at Glenville is beyond compare. In summary, enrolling your child in this school will ensure them a supportive community, the opportunity for an amazing and fun education, and so much more.

Author: Audrey Hall

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