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November 25, 2020 |

Riverside Elementary School

Riverside Elementary School

Riverside Elementary school is among the top-ranked schools in Greenwich and even all of CT. Within the top 5% of schools in the state, Riverside is seen by and large as an exceptionally top-notch elementary school. The school works to challenge students of all levels in all aspects of education. Not only are the academics incredibly strong, the school also strongly values extra-curriculars like athletics and the arts. and does a great job of creating a warm community.

A student who attended grades K-5 expresses that something he valued about the academics at the school was how ambitious all the students were. The friendly competition pushed him to be a better student and person. The teachers create a classroom environment that challenges students to really think, but are always open to help students in whatever way they can. Andrew, a graduate of the class of 2020, talks about his experiences with various Riverside faculty members: “I remember that the teachers, even ones I didn’t know, would always wave to or smile at me in the hallway. My own teachers were always so patient with me and all the other students, which was so helpful for me.”

Multiple alumni of Riverside Elementary feel that the school did a great job of not only teaching them important academic skills but also providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Zoe, who attended grades K-4, shares that one of her favorite things about the school’s curriculum is that she was able to participate in a huge variety of classes and activities during her time there, most of which were equally fun and skill-building. She appreciates how well the school balanced work and fun. The elementary school kids at Riverside are able to discover their hobbies and interests while building strong foundations for their future years of school and even the rest of their lives.

Given the great variety of programs and activities present at the school, everyone is able to feel like their interests are met. As a part of the Greenwich Public Schools system, Riverside offers the Advanced Learning Program (ALP), designated for outstanding students with abilities beyond those of their peers to challenge them to their fullest potential. The ALP classes at ISD include language arts, math, and science, and typically there are only 5-12 students in each ALP class.

A couple of student-favorite community events include the Riverside Run, which is where students are given the opportunity to run up to 3 miles around the city, the Boo Bash, which is a huge Halloween Eve dance party with fun games and prizes, and the Cardboard Project, a 3-day long event where, for 3 hours a day, students are challenged to build arcade games using only cardboard and tape. Andrew, mentioned above, shares that the Cardboard Challenge was not only a lot of fun, it also helped him work on his problem-solving skills and was a great opportunity to showcase his creativity.

An exceptionally notable aspect of the Riverside School community is the inclusivity. Several alumni remember how welcoming and friendly all the kids and faculty were, which is a great environment for kids to grow up in. Many of the bonds built at Riverside last beyond elementary school and even middle school. Jason, who graduated 6 years ago, says that he still keeps in contact with many of his friends from his time there.

Zoe, mentioned above, recalls the impact the school’s motto had on her and those around her: “An important motto of our school was ROPES. R stood for respect and I think that something that I really learned there was to respect everyone.” She loves the comfort fostered in the school’s community and firmly believes that her experience there helped shape her into the person she is today.

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