December 14, 2013 | Robin Kencel

The Art of Trimming the Christmas Tree

The Art of Trimming the Christmas Tree

Sure, you can just wrap some lights and slap some ornaments up and check “Trim The Tree” off your To Do list, but wouldn’t it be more fun to show your style and have the tree say a little something about you and your family?

Two ideas to jazz up your tree and eight tips to make the trimming go easy.

IDEA #1:

Theme the Tree:  Pick a color, storyline, style or topic for the decorating. If nothing comes to mind, look at these resources for theme ideas: BHG or HGTV  This year, our theme is “things that fly”… birds, butterflies, insects and airplanes are featured on the tree.


More is More. You just can’t have too much going on in the Christmas tree. Layer it on– but do so with some law and order to the trimming.

TIPS 1. Put the tree in a place that shows it off: Don’t just stick the tree in the first spot that comes to mind. Think about where everyone will enjoy it most and where it will look the prettiest. This may involve  some furniture rearranging. Think of the tree as a piece of art and be sure that it is shown to it’s best advantage and is placed wherever it will look best.

2.  Put whatever is going on the tippy top on BEFORE you put the tree up. While it is on it’s side and you are getting it in the stand, put the star, angel, decoration on top and avoid the old tottering on the ladder routine.

3.  Start the lights at the bottom and work your way up, from the inside (near the trunk, to the outside). Test each strand of lights to be sure it works before wrapping the whole tree.

4.  Largest ornaments on the bottom, smaller as you go up the tree. This is a general guideline that you should follow for about 80% of the ornaments. The remainder you can mix in.

5. Work on a section at a time, usually easiest to start from the top down so you aren’t hitting ornaments as you put new ones on.

6.  Put the larger ornaments on first, looking for the natural holes in the tree, to fill in those blank spots.

7.  Think Layering. After ornaments and garlands are on, do you want to add in some natural or artificial sprigs, flowers or branches?

8.  Water the tree regularly. It doesn’t just take care of itself.

9.  Local Greenwich Spots for Ornaments: Hoaglands of Greenwich, MacArdles, Greenwich Orchid

For more tree ideas, see my Pinterest board, Robin's Pinterest  Happy Trimming!

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