December 22, 2020

The Source: Our Highly Curated Holiday Edition

The Source: Our Highly Curated Holiday Edition
If you have worked with us, you know how much we value your time. Continuing in that tradition, here are our favorite 2020 gift picks, with a Home for the Holidays (and a bit longer) in mind.
Snuggle Up
Stay warm and cozy this winter by snuggling up in the softest pajamas and blankets around. Wrapped up in these, hot cocoa is hardly optional.
If you’re in need of jammies for the whole family, look no further than Roller Rabbit. Located conveniently on Greenwich Ave, Roller Rabbit offers matching loungewear for everyone on your list. Choose from a variety of prints, including their adorable classic monkey or a festive nutcracker design. Roller Rabbit has a pajama set to suit everyone’s tastes.
Find them at Roller Roller Rabbit at 103 Greenwich Ave.
Charmajesty makes linens that will last a lifetime. Made from Egyptian cotton and buttery soft, their sheets can be custom made to match any design scheme. Charmajesty has pajamas, pillows, and even tablecloths. The signature Charmajesty “love” and “heart” motifs on many of these items carry the message of warmth and welcoming during this holiday season.
Find them here or Lynnens at 278 Greenwich Ave.
What do you call a mule that is as soft as a lamb? A slipper! These shearling slippers by Deiji Studios are soft enough that you might confuse them with clouds, and so cute that you’ll be excited to put them on when you get out of bed. The rubber sole means that you will have extra traction on slippery floors and that you will enjoy these durable but delicate slippers for a long time.
Find them here

For The House

People with beautiful hearts create beautiful homes. These dazzling candles and throw blankets coordinate with any interior decor scheme and provide those lovely extra touches.
Immerse yourself in a Mediterranean forest with this timeless green candle. Its simple, yet elegant look and divine scent make this candle the perfect choice. Plus, what’s not to love about supporting a local business like Greenwich Pharmacy!
Find it at Greenwich Pharmacy, located at 116 Greenwich Ave.
Everyone in your immediate circle will rejoice at receiving this gorgeous vintage-print wool throw blanket. The rich reds and yellows will add a pop of color to any room. This is one blanket you’ll never want to put away.
Find it here

Reading And Writing

It’s time to unplug, snuggle up to the fireplace, and read a book. These titles are both enriching and engaging, and provide the perfect conversation starter for your next formal or informal book club!
Frances Palmer is a Connecticut local, talented potter, and successful entrepreneur. In Life in the Studio, she details a delightful array of the difficult, unique, and laugh out loud lessons she learned throughout her career in this spectacular 270 page novel. Be careful-- whomever you gift this to might be asking for a pottery wheel next.
Find it here
Create memories that will be passed down for generations. Bound in a stunning genuine leather, “The Classic Tale of Peter Rabbit,” is meant to be read aloud over and over. This unique presentation of the timeless adventure is a must-have for families with young children.
Find it here
Keeping in touch just got a lot more adorable! Forget texts and email, this notecard set is so cute that your friends will squeal with delight at their mailbox. Lined with precious snowflake motifs, each frosty note-card comes with a different wintery design stamped on the outside. Nothing is better than receiving a hand-written note, and this stationery makes it even more wonderful.
Find it here

Because We're Working From Home

These gifts are perfect for that person in your life who might spend a few too many hours on zoom every day.
Take advantage of the limited field of view of a video call… your boss will never suspect that paired with the blazer you’re wearing on top are deliciously comfortable sweatpants on the bottom. These Moda sweatpants will make you more productive than ever - and we’ll never reveal your secret. You will never want to go back to buttons!

Find the cream sweats here and the white sweats here
Imagine if instead of kids, pets, and spouses running behind you during video conference calls, you could have a beautiful vase overflowing with flowers blocking the camera’s view of the chaos. This one-of-a-kind handblown glass vase does it best. Fill it with cut flowers from Whole Foods, Citarella, McArdles, or Cos Cob market and voila… you now have an unforgettable (and peaceful) Zoom background.
Find it here

MOVE THAT BODY: At Home Workouts

Let’s be honest-- when the gyms shut down, we all might’ve skipped a workout or two. Or thirty. Give someone a headstart on their new year’s resolution with these at-home workout solutions.
Working at a deep level of body understanding, this class focuses on alignment, strength, and neuromuscular connections for improved movement. Zena’s Floorbarre has long been a staple of professional dancers and athletes. It is instructed by Broadway dance choreographer Jodi Moccia who defies description; she achieves as much in a Zoom class as she does with a hands on in-person class and is something special in the world of trainers

For more information, contact Jodi Moccia at [email protected]
Pvovle is revolutionizing the at-home fitness market with innovative resistance training equipment and on-demand streaming of workout classes for an effective work-out any time, anywhere. These classes are designed to tone, sculpt, and impact all of the muscles of the body, while simultaneously teaching good mechanics and body positioning to prevent aches, pains, and injuries.

Find it here
Everyone’s talking about Peloton-- and there’s a reason. The live workouts with an instructor simulate the exciting and motivating atmosphere of a spin class, from the comfort of your own home. Compare your routines and scores to the 2.6 million Peloton users across the world, or just work toward beating your personal best. A Peloton membership also includes access to other exercise classes so you can work out your whole body, off the bike, as if you were in a studio.

Find it here

Fun and Games

For the child at heart, these luxury “toys” will surely pass the time on a rainy day.
Your kid will be the coolest one on the sledding hill with this giant snowmobile-shaped sled. Decked out to look like it’s from the 70’s, you’ll feel totally tubular busting this inflatable sled out every winter.

Find it here
Now this is a puzzle you will want to frame. This 1000-piece puzzle combines women’s equal pay references with whimsical sushi-filled imagery that will resonate with any powerful woman in your life.

Find it here
We’ve all heard this adage: “You’ve officially succeeded in life once you can draw a circle on an Etch-A-Sketch.” Well, maybe we haven’t all heard that, but it might honestly be true. Test out your skills and get a blast of nostalgia while using this decked-out, sleek, black 60th anniversary version of the bright red etch-a-sketch we all loved as kids.

Find it here

Self Care

It’s 2020. We are living through a pandemic. Treat a loved one to a little bit of self-care and relaxation to reduce stress during the craziest times.
In the event that salons should close again, you will not be without home styling tools. This blowdryer is small but mighty; weighing in at half a pound, it is the lightest hair dryer in its class but still somehow manages to dry hair 30% faster with its specially designed air outlet and powerful motor. It’s easy to clean and has a variety of attachments available to suit any hairstyle imaginable.
Available through Tarek Makki, freelance, editorial and private event stylist, at [email protected]
Who said you need to get on a plane for a getaway? The Delamar in Greenwich Harbor will transport you to paradise with one of their delicious spa treatments.
Make a reservation here
Maison D'Alexandre Hair Salon. Leaving no stone unturned when it comes to sublime customer service from hair therapy to color and styling.
Located at 33 Lewis St. in Greenwich

In The Kitchen

The way to the heart is through the stomach. Give the gift of great food this holiday season.
The Former Executive Chef for Daniel Boulud, Ian Vest, is offering private dinners in your home this holiday season. The restaurant has two Michelin stars; but why travel when the Michelin stars can come to you?
For more information, contact: [email protected]
The ultimate kitchen appliance. Dolce Gabbana pattern. Espresso. Who hasn't overcoffee-ed in 2020? beautiful, functional, and the silk screened design will surely turn heads in the kitchen.

Find it here
Calling all carrot lovers-- this serving platter is not only elegant with its gold rim but also adorably adorned with a black and white rabbit themed design. Everyone will be hopping toward this piece to get a better look.

Find it here

Alternately, give the gift of a beautiful property this holiday season

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