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March 8, 2021

Time to Refinance?

Time to Refinance?

Freddie Mac’s slogan is “We make home possible”—a claim that is literally true for more than a few Greenwich homeowners. Freddie (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.) has the stated mission to keep money flowing (that is, supply liquidity) to the nation’s smaller mortgage lenders, while “Fannie Mae” does the same for large retail banks. Both are government-sponsored enterprises.

This past Tuesday, Freddie published its “4 Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage.” Since the Corporation has north of $2 trillion in assets under management, you could say there were at least two trillion reasons why anyone who ever deals with Greenwich home loans might find the ideas worth checking out. Freddie’s reasons for refinancing:

  1. 1. Lower your monthly mortgage payments. Ever since home loan rates dipped down into the “historically” low range, financial advisors have urged homeowners to reexamine their current mortgage rates to see if taking out a new loan would put more cash in their pockets.
  2. 2. Pay off your home loan sooner. If a refinanced loan would carry a lower rate, Greenwich homeowners who arrange to continue paying the same monthly amount will retire the mortgage at an earlier date. Net result: they’ll own their Greenwich home free and clear sooner.
  3. 3. Save on total interest paid. That’s just another way of looking at the end result of a lower monthly interest rate.
  4. 4. Switch mortgage types. When negotiating a refi’s terms, homeowners may be able to switch from a fixed-rate to an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)—or vice-versa.

For homeowners who are reasonably certain that they will move before the first adjustment is made, switching to an ARM could be a desirable way to preserve cash. Likewise, a current ARM loan holder might breathe easier by locking in today’s rates for the long haul.   The bottom line message is that it probably makes sense to take a look at your current mortgage at this time.



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