February 19, 2014 | Robin Kencel

What’s That Pair of Pantyhose Doing On Your Roof?

What’s That Pair of Pantyhose Doing On Your Roof?

Sharing a recent dinner with very good friends who are house aficionados, the conversation turned to pantyhose. The wife said they spent an afternoon brushing snow off the roof of their house, concerned that the weight of it after these one-too-many snowstorms would cause havoc. She then shared a tip that would make Heloise proud.  

How do you prevent gutters from damming up? This is a real concern. When snow starts to melt it runs down gutters. That is, until the temperature drops and the water turns to ice, filling up the gutters. The trapped water/ice may begin to thaw and has no where to go.. except creeping in under the roof and eventually your ceiling.

Enter stage left: Pantyhose. Fill the pantyhose with snowmelt or salt and line the gutters with it. This may seem a little overkill to you. I mentioned it to my husband after dinner and he declined my invitation for a rooftop gutter lining date.

Fast forward to the weekend. I came home from work to find a large cooking pot teetering on the sofa, catching water from the ceiling. Where are my tights when I need them?

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